Cecil Court, London WC2N

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Cecil Court 1894


Write to Mark Field MP!:

Thank you everyone who has already written to Westminster MP Mark Field regarding small business rate relief. Mark tells me that he is still receiving two or three letters daily from outside his constituency in support of Cecil Court. Please read Mark’s article on his website, under the headline Cecil Court Under Threat: Mark campaigns on business rates, which you can find here. Simon Callow’s article in the Guardian (details here) revealed the depth of public backing for Cecil Court. Mark Field, Tim Bryars and David Drummond were interviewed for BBC London radio news and Simon’s article was picked up by various blogs on the internet, such as www.bookride.com. Small business rate relief is awarded incrementally. To qualify for 50% relief the rateable value of the business premises must be £5000 or less, which we don’t believe can apply to a single ground-floor shop in Westminster. The sudden scrapping of transitional rate relief has exposed us to the full weight of exaggerated business rates. We urgently need meaningful rate relief for small businesses in our capital. Since April last year councils have been able to claim rates on empty shops, so there would be no loss of revenue if Cecil Court was boarded up completely. But we’d rather it wasn’t. You can write to Mark at the following address:

Mark Field MP
House of Commons