Cecil Court, London WC2N

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Cecil Court 1894


9. Mark Sullivan

Mark Sullivan - shopfront

Ecclectic items and unusual objects..

9 Cecil Court, London WC2N 4EZ
Tel: 020 7836 7056

Email: mark@marksullivanantiques.com david@marksullivanantiques.com

Opening hours: Mon - Sat 10.00am-7.00pm; occasional Sundays, 11.00-6.00pm.

Mark Sullivan - inside

Having been established in London for almost twenty years, we moved into Cecil Court in 1998 and are so happy it is sometimes mildly embarrassing. Our aim is to provide a friendly and old-fashioned service with an emphasis on tradition and customer care.


We offer a permanent and long-term buy-back policy to accommodate customers changing tastes and fashions and welcome you to place your name in our search ledger so that we may hunt for a certain piece of particular rarity for you.

We stock the widest range of bronzes, Parian busts, portrait miniatures, snuff-boxes and historical ephemera in central London. We always have a comprehensive display of Art Deco & Nouveau, tea-caddies, top hats, porcelain figurines, silver, watercolours & oils, canes, cameras, oil-lamps, pocket watches and magnifying glasses, scientific instruments and just about anything of particular historical interest. We are fond of considering our tastes to be somewhat eclectic and that you never quite know what you might find. Our collection is a permanently moving kaleidoscope with stock arriving daily. Whether it is a steam car or a stuffed parrot, a clockwork locomotive, a Royal Doulton commemorative or a Moorcroft vase, we usually stock it.

We are always interested in purchasing stock, whether it is an entire collection or an individual piece. If your item is too specialized for us to offer a competitive price we will endeavour to recommend somebody who will be able to be of assistance to you.

My name is Mark. I am the proprietor, David is the shop manager and Jack the dog is our resident head of security. We recommend that you call in advance on Sundays before commencing your journey, in case we are prevented from opening by personal commitments or stock taking. We look forward to your visit.