Cecil Court welcomes two new arrivals: Daniel Bexfield at 5 Cecil Court specialises in fine antique silver, while the London Medal Company, now at number 13, specialises in orders and decorations but also carries a broader stock of antique militaria.


John Fisher will be signing copies of his book ‘Funny Way To Be A Hero’ - about Twentieth Century entertainers - at David Drummond’s shop ‘Pleasures Of Past Times’, 11, Cecil Court, London, WC2N 4EZ on Wednesday 4th December between 3.30pm and 5.30pm.

Cecil Court Christmas 2012
Please join us on Thursday 13th December for a Cecil Court Christmas. To commemorate Flicker Alley and Cecil Court's role in the early British film industry, from 14.30 we'll be unveiling a plaque at 27 Cecil Court, followed by a screening of silent films at 5 Cecil Court, courtesy of the BFI, with accompaniment by pianist John Sweeney. Later, from 16.45, we'll have wonderful carols from our friends at Opera Holland Park. To keep you nice and warm we'll be providing food from Zakuski and drink. Our new neighbours Chipotle will also be offering hospitality. Then at 18.30 Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy will be doing an exclusive London signing in Goldsboro Books at number 23. We hope you can make it to some or all of the day's festivities.


David Drummond is making a good recovery and is now making regular visits to the shop. His sons Tim and Paul will be there Tuesday-Saturday, but do call ahead if you are making a special journey. The shop number is 020 7836 1142.

There has been closure of David Drummondís bookshop due to illness. This is likely to be protracted. Enquiries and messages can be received by his sons Paul and Tim who plan to open the shop three or four days each week until further notice. Davidís computer will be inactive meanwhile, and although notices on the shop will be updated as often as possible David suggests that customers intending to visit should please phone beforehand. David sends his best wishes to his clients, with whom he hopes to be soon reunited.


Carols in the Court: we are delighted to welcome back Opera Holland Park on Thursday 15th December from 4.30pm. As dusk draws on and Cecil Court is bathed in the warm glow of Victorian gas lamps, ten professional singers will perform traditional carols, with a few jazzier pieces and some other sacred music. Weíll have wine, mince pies and other festive treats. Donít miss it!

Our latest project is to commemorate the site of Mozart's first London address, today's 9 Cecil Court (better known as Mark Sullivan Antiques which in 1764 was John Couzin's barber's shop; Mozart's family lodged above). Mozartís stay in Cecil Court is well known, but several rolls of microfiche and three antique maps pinned down the exact location! Follow us for details of plaque unveiling and events.

Our latest project is to commemorate the site of Mozart's first London address, today's 9 Cecil Court (better known as Mark Sullivan Antiques which in 1764 was John Couzin's barber's shop; Mozart's family lodged above). Mozartís stay in Cecil Court is well known, but several rolls of microfiche and three antique maps pinned down the exact location! Follow us for details of plaque unveiling and events.

Book Launch at Tenderproduct newsitem
on Friday 4th March.
more info and press release....

Nigel Williams passed away over the Christmas period. If you were planning to visit, please note that his shop is currently closed.

David Drummond is scheduled to go into hospital for a routine operation and his shop will be closed from 5pm on January 6th 2011. He expects to reopen in a fortnight, and will be available on email in the meantime.

Cecil Court Christmas Festival 2010: a few snapshots of our latest event, featuring the Regent Hall band of the Salvation Army and Garudio Studiageís ĎArt Skipí lucky dip. Laurence Johns made a guest appearance as Santa! more...

For Christmas gift ideas, look no further than Cecil Court! One of our specialist dealers is sure to be able to help. This year some of us have joined together to create a Christmas Shopping Catalogue - a few carefully chosen items which give a flavour of the diversity of the street. Download it here and be inspired!

On Saturday 27th December weíll be having a small celebration to usher in Christmas. From 12.30pm onwards weíll be welcoming a Salvation Army band, an innovative ĎArt Skipí lucky dip and Amuti 23ís contemporary take on Santaís Grotto (Satanís Gateau, for adult art lovers only); also, Vicky Butler-Henderson, racing driver and tv presenter, will be signing at Motor Books 12.30-2pm. The Art Skip

Cecil Court’s ‘Flicker Alley’ Summer Festival, celebrating the role of the Court in the early British film trade, will take place July 24-31 2010; click for further details.

newsitemNatalie Galustian opened her new bookshop at 22 Cecil Court in June 2010 with a remarkable collection of books on poker and gambling
more info....

newsitemWith the Summer Festival in the offing it’s time for a recap of our Christmas Festival
more info....

newsitemTenderpixel Gallery, London presents:
S T U F F  by Victoria Stanton & Christian Richer
more info....

The first Cecil Court Festival will take place on Saturday 28th November - come and join us! Events will be taking place throughout the day. The attached poster will give you some idea of the delights on offer...

The Antiques Trade Gazette is now following the business rates debate: here. Our MP Mark Field is now tabling an Early Day Motion highlighting the burden of business rates on London businesses. It will be put down when the Queen opens Parliament this week.

Here is a link to the full text of Mark Field's speech and the ensuing debate.
more info

Business rates, Round 2:

Mark Field's Westminster Hall debate on business rates was seized upon by Guardian journalist Alison Flood. In a succinct online article she highlights the problems small shops like ours on Cecil Court are facing. more info...

Tenderpixel Gallery, London presents:
Goldsboro 10 Homes/\Houses a solo exhibition by Boris Kajmak
19 Nov 09 - 04 Jan 10
PV Thursday 19 Nov, 6-9pm
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Goldsboro 10A new bookshop opens in Cecil Court today, October 16: Amuti 23, owned by Laurence Johns and Steve Rowe, will specialise in art and counterculture. Laurence and Steve are pictured in the final throes of getting ready for the public.

Goldsboro 10On September 30th 2009 Goldsboro Books celebrated its 10th Anniversary with a birthday party in the shop. Publishers and authors who have worked closely with Goldsboro over the last decade came from as far afield as California and the Seychelles.

"Serendipity and the pleasure of discovery" in Cecil Court: Travis & Emery is clearly the music bookshop visited in the New York Times article here:
The controversy about Oxfam's chain of bookshops rumbles on, but as the debate goes global at least the independent bookshops of Cecil Court get a positive mention!

ABA Summer Fair Join Michelle Lovric in a celebration of her debut children’s novel
Thursday 10th September 2009 6.30pm
The Italian Bookshop.

Cecil Court hits Facebook!
Your favourite street in London now has its own page. Go to, search for Cecil Court and become a fan (but not of the residential care home in Kew Ė although we wish them well).

Cecil Court Rates Battle Continues
The Evening Standard carried a report on our continuing campaign to reduce the burden of business rates (May 19th 2009), which can be read here: here.
More details...

Write to Mark Field MP!
Thank you everyone who has already written to Westminster MP Mark Field regarding small business rate relief. Mark tells me that he is still receiving two or three letters daily from outside his constituency in support of Cecil Court. Please read Mark’s article on his website, under the headline Cecil Court Under Threat: Mark campaigns on business rates, which you can find here. More details...

Increased business rates hit Cecil Court:
We are all delighted that Simon Callow has chosen to draw attention to this issue in the national press (Guardian Review Section, April 11th 2009). The abrupt cessation of transitional rate relief exposed us to the full impact of government policy, which has been working towards greatly increased business rates for some time. The available relief for small businesses here in Westminster currently appears to be paltry and we have been urging our local MP, Mark Field, to investigate the matter. Heís been very helpful. The text of Mr Callowís article follows:

London Short Film Festival.
Cecil Court CelebratesNext week Tenderpixel Gallery is playing host to part of the illustrious 6th London Short Film Festival.
We will be holding event from the 15/1/09-18/01/09, see for more details.

Cecil Court book now available.
Cecil Court Celebrates The Cecil Court Book by Maria Grazia Marino and Saverio Paffumi is now available from most Cecil Court shops priced £9.90.

Please join us to celebrate the launch of “Cecil Court”
Cecil Court CelebratesThursday 27th November
6-8 pm
Cecil Court Celebrates!

Tenderpixel Gallery's One Year Anniversary
26/9/08 - 14/10/08

Tender Pixel GalleryTenderpixel Gallery is pleased to present 10/10/10, an exhibition held in celebration of the gallery’s first anniversary.

ABA Summer FairABA Summer Exhibition
Make a date in August to visit the ABA Summer Exhibition on Women & the Book. This event won’t be taking place in Cecil Court itself (although it will be held nearby at Bernard Quaritch Ltd, close to Piccadilly Circus) but many of the booksellers in Cecil Court are members of the Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association and will be exhibiting some of their material.

Tender Pixel GalleryMapping

What do a specialist shop in antique maps and a contemporary art gallery have in common? JEREMY WOOD.

Tender Pixel GalleryFestive Pixel
Tenderpixel has now had two successful exhibitions at Cecil Court and is settling in nicely with this friendly community of merchants. It has featured distinctive work over the past few months and December's exhibition will please and delight many passers by in the Court! more...

Tender Pixel partyBollywood comes to Cecil Court
Cecil Court is to have a starring role in new Hindi feature film “Straight”, due for release in March 2008: St Martin’s Spice, at the end of Cecil Court, has been transformed into the Gaylord restaurant. Parvati Balagopalan (director of “Rules” and writer of “Oh Darling Yeh Hai India”) is directing a London-set romantic comedy about a young man coming to terms with his sexuality. Shooting took place over several days in November 2007.

Cecil Court welcomes Tenderpixel
Tender Pixel party Over a hundred well-wishers turned out on September 15th for the launch party of Tenderpixel, a contemporary art gallery at 10 Cecil Court. Owner and manager Etan Ilfeld says: “I’ve always loved the unique atmosphere of Cecil Court and I’m delighted to join the community. We will be showcasing new London-based up and coming artists every month.” As part of the London Design Festival, 2007, Tenderpixel has opened with a showcase of Klara Orosz and Hannah Westwood's most recent creations. More information about the gallery can be found at

Pleasures of Past Times Celebrates
Party at Cecil Court On Monday 10th July 1967, with a certain amount of trepidation, I entered the hallowed domain of the bookselling community of the Charing Cross Road by taking premises at number 11, Cecil Court hitherto the longtime premises of a sign-writer. Thus :

on Tuesday 10th July 2007 I celebrate my 40th anniversary
reflecting no doubt on the variety of interesting individuals who have passed through the doorway. Sadly so many are but a memory. However, to those survivors I have been privileged to know as customers and, indeed, friends who may read this please accept my invitation to call by on the 10th and commemorate the occasion with a glass of wine ( and memory) twixt the hours of 6.30pm and 8.30pm.

Please note that this in no way indicates imminent retirement!
David Drummond

In January 2007 Cecil Court was selected by Film London as location of the month

Filming of "Miss Potter" in Cecil Courtfilming in Cecil Court

Cecil Court’s original Victorian features made it the ideal choice for a key scene in the forthcoming film “Miss Potter”, starring Renée Zellweger and Ewan McGregor.

The shopfronts themselves did not need to be altered, but for one day in March 2006 Red Snapper (purveyors of Counter Culture to the Brit Art elite) sold nineteenth century luggage; disturbingly realistic plaster pig carcasses, fresh from the studio slaughter house, transformed Peter Ellis’s window - which is usually tastefully arrayed with books on fine art, literature and the humanities; the numismatic specialists next door found banknotes replaced by sherbert dabs and lemon drops in fancy Edwardian jars.

Nigel Williams Rare Books was centre stage as the shop where Miss Potter’s first book Peter Rabbit was sold for the first time. Trivia fans might be delighted to know that the original title for “The Tale of Peter Rabbit” was “The Story of Peter Rabbit and Farmer MacGregor”, in which Peter Rabbit’s dad was baked in a pie by Mrs MacGregor.

Ewan MacGregor plays Norman Warne, Beatrix Potter’s publisher and doomed love interest: “He did not live long, but he fulfilled a useful happy life. I must try to make a fresh beginning next year” wrote Beatrix, in a practical vein, to Warne’s sister after his death from anaemia. Not that we want to spoil the end of the story! In our scene Renée and Ewan watch excitedly as passers by spot the new book and start buying it by the armful – scenes that won’t be repeated until we have a biopic of J.K. Rowling! What struck most of us who were present was how natural it seemed to see boaters, bowlers, ostrich feathers and the other trappings of Edwardian finery in a Cecil Court setting.

more photos