Cecil Court, London WC2N

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Cecil Court 1894


Business rates

Here is a link to the full text of Mark Field's speech and the ensuing debate. Barbara Follet's reply was interesting. I don't think anyone would dispute that businesses need to pay rates: we use community services, and supporting those we don't use is part of living in a civilised society. The only question is how high those rates should be. She also says that 45% of London ratepayers "will in fact see their rates liability fall as a result of revaluation. In fact, small shops in London such as those in Cecil court could see their rates liability fall by 3 per cent. on average in 2010-11." That doesn't chime with the figures on the Valuations Office Agency website. She might just be confused about the location of Cecil Court. She fondly recalls 'spending a large chunk' of her youth here, and laments the passing of Foyles. She has "good memories" of it. She might be cheered up to learn that although Foyles left Cecil Court in 1906, it remains one of the largest independent bookshops in the country, just round the corner from us on the Charing Cross Road.

Mark Field's speech