Cecil Court, London WC2N

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Cecil Court 1894


Business rates, Round 2:

Mark Field's Westminster Hall debate on business rates was seized upon by Guardian journalist Alison Flood. In a succinct online article she highlights the problems small shops like ours on Cecil Court are facing.  Miranda Bryant covered the story for the Evening Standard, which now reaches over 600,000 Londoners. On top of the scrapping of transitional rate relief and the hike in business rates we faced this year, our shops have been revalued and we face still higher increases next year. There are many factors affecting small businesses but in a difficult economic climate this is the one thing the government has direct control over. By paying rent, rates, taxes and by employing staff we contribute directly to the economy; in a wider sense here in Cecil Court we boost other businesses by attracting visitors to London.  Independent shops are viable in the 21st century, provided they are not used as a short term cash-cow by central government. Mark has called for a freeze on rate rises and for a significant increase of the thresholds where meaningful rate relief kicks in. Nobody on Cecil Court is planning to retire from the field, but the odds are increasingly tipped against us. Mark Field's support is more than welcome, it's vital.