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Cecil Court 1894


Tenderpixel Gallery, London presents:
Homes/\Houses a solo exhibition by Boris Kajmak

Homes and House Exhibition

19 Nov 09 - 04 Jan 10
PV Thursday 19 Nov, 6-9pm
Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 1-7pm + by appointment

[Tenderpixel will be closed from 23 Dec - 04 Jan]

Homes /\ Houses is inspired by drawings of houses made by children. Kajmak challenges the notions that there is a 'correct' or 'wrong' sense of perspective. As an alternative mode of architecture, the emotional-structures of children-drawn-houses are converted into maquettes.

Homes /\ Houses is the transformation of this thought-experiment into a physical set of model houses, resulting in a neighbourhood made of children's imagination.
Kajmak points out that the usage of a vanishing point in geometrical perspective creates a pessimistic dead end as figures and houses become smaller and ultimately vanish. In contrast, a child's drawing disregards the need for structural integrity and three dimensional accuracy, and opts for a more emotionally-charged representation—much like the tendency of paintings from antiquity to enlarge figures based upon their hierarchical or spiritual significance.
When houses become homes...

Boris Kajmak obtained a Masters in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in 2005. His designs and conceptual pieces have won numerous accolades and been exhibited across Europe and the United States.