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Cecil Court 1894


The Undrowned Child

Join Michelle Lovric in a celebration
of her debut children’s novel
Thursday 10th September 2009  6.30pm
The Italian Bookshop
5 Cecil Court, London, WC2N 4EZ
Actress Claire Bloom and Poet Geraldine Paine
will be reading from The Undrowned Child, Michelle Lovric will be answering questions from Jeff Cotton of Fictional Cities and signing copies. Please direct all enquiries to The Italian Bookshop (0207 240 1634)

A stunning debut novel by bestselling adult novelist Michelle Lovric. Part fairy-tale, part historical fiction, this is writing that is alight and alive. Two worlds are held in balance, Venice on the cusp of change, as science exerts an ever stronger stranglehold against a deeper, underwater world of myth and mermaids. A beautifully told allegory that captures the power of language, this has definite crossover appeal. Jake Hope, The Bookseller

Michelle Lovric

Atmospheric, beautifully written and about Venice - A superb volume of adventure encompassing all that makes a good solid read. Includes ghosts, retribution, death, mermaids, seahorses, bravery - Absolutely brilliant. Read it in Venice if you can, if not, then read it and visit as soon as you can....