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About this site - Browser compatibility

This site has been tested with the following browsers:

Internet Explorer
(Windows) : 5, 5.5, 6

Internet Explorer
(Macintosh OSX) : 5.2

Netscape: 4, 6

Opera: 7

Mozilla Firebird: 0.7

If you are using old browsers - eg Netscape 4 or Internet Explorer 4 - the site should be perfectly usable. However the scrolling images on the home page will not scroll. Similarly, the menus will not be collapsible/expandable; they will remain open all the time - ie navigation will not be restricted.

If you have disabled Javascript in your browser, again the site should be completely usable, but the menus will remain expanded and the scrolling images will not work.

If you are experiencing any problems using the site, please send an email, giving details of your operating system (eg Windows 98) and the browser you are using



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