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Tenderpixel Gallery's One Year Anniversary
26/9/08 - 14/10/08

Tenderpixel Gallery is pleased to present 10/10/10, an exhibition held in celebration of the gallery’s first anniversary. It will be an exhibition comprised of many parts, designed to display the best work, from a selection of the best artists at Tenderpixel

10/10/10 will feature specially commissioned work, in addition to several classics from our 2007-2008 season. The artists showcased are:

Richard Ansett - Photography
Eric Ayotte - Painting
Jang-Oh Hong – Installation
Boris Kajmak - Painting
Sungfeel Yun – Sculpture
Nicko Straniero - Photography
Hannah Westwood – Drawing
Jeremy Wood – GPS Mapping
Sunshine Frere & Jenny Pickett – New Media