Cecil Court, London WC2N

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Cecil Court 1894




Tenderpixel has now had two successful exhibitions at Cecil Court and is settling in nicely with this friendly community of merchants. It has featured distinctive work over the past few months and December's exhibition will please and delight many passers by in the Court!
Conceptual artist Gary Welch has created a unique stereoscopic installation complete with 20 viewers, each one orbiting a glowing light source. Gallery goers are invited to take in the three dimensional imagery and bask in the installation's glow.  

Richard Ansett's photographs challenge all viewers. He uses dislocation  and  unfamiliarity as tools to shed  light  on narratives  that  would  otherwise  remain  hidden.  You can also view other examples of Ansett's  work  at the National  Photographic  Portrait  Awards  exhibition  at  The National  Portrait  Gallery just down the street.

We invite you to come explore the warm glow inside our gallery and the original work of its featured artists this December!  Should you be looking for a unique Festive present –a work of art!- you may find exactly what you are looking for at Tenderpixel.

Hope to see you soon and Happy Holidays from Etan, Jess and Sunshine –The Tenderpixel Troupe